The TWNQL Story

Once upon a time...

New insights

It began in 1990 with a world tour that eventually lasted two years. Along with 150 other young people from 25 different countries. Each one of us with its own goals and expectations, but with a common denominator: make an impact on society. We did this by putting our message of mutual understanding at the center of everything we did. For example by doing voluntary work and staying at local host families. All this without any political or religious influence. Important requirements for me, since I wanted to contribute to new insights as an authentic human being. Joining was very expensive, more than $ 10,000. I had six months to get it together. After about four to five part-time jobs per day for several months that job was done. Ready to go into the unknown.

Creativity and curiosity

Why did I do this and what drove me? Curiosity, the desire to contribute “something” to the world and passion for life. Great lessons were learned on the road. For example, collaboration, working based on own strength and passion, communication, focus on goal and results, creativity and staying curious. And last but not least, easily adapt to different situations.

Passion for Innovation

In these two years the foundation was laid for my passion for innovation, improvement and constant discovery and application of new ideas, concepts and processes. Creativity, perseverance, results orientation, curiosity, being open to people from other cultures were key words.

TWNQL innovates

After many other international and national wanderings I founded TWNQL. TWNQL (read Twinkle) is network organization and helps organizations to innovate. TWNQL represents a passion for innovation, a twinkle in the eyes. Renewal can only truly succeed if there is passion and the will to innovate comes from within. That is why personal involvement of both yourself (the customer) and Rex and TWNQL’s exclusive, experienced and professional partners plays an important role in the TWNQL method.

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