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The TWNQL factor

TWNQL innovates. Innovation brings positive energy, new inspiration and fun. This brings back laughing eyes in an organization. I call this the TWNQL factor. My name is Rex BierlaaghI am the founder of TWNQL.

New energy through innovation

With an eye for people and brands I generate new energy through innovation of products and services. Innovation in the broadest sense of the word: first go back to the core (why do we do what we do), then generate new ideas, further develop them and facilitate the implementation. And all this with a very clear focus on results.

Creative thinking

TWNQL specializes in idea generation: the starting point of every innovation.
TWNQL facilitates idea generation sessions and brainstorms by which new products and services are invented. TWNQL also helps with the selection of the best ideas, the transformation of ideas to products and services and the question of how to organize innovation.

Personal approach

TWNQL’s distinctiveness lies in the personal approach. First zoom in on you (the person) and the team and then, if necessary, look at the process and underlying figures. Why do you want to innovate, what is the purpose anyway? Is adequate conviction, enthusiasm and inspiration available to actually bring this process to a successful conclusion? Only when this is all clear, we will continue the innovation journey.


Rex Bierlaagh

Rex Bierlaagh

Rex combines strong analytical skills with a powerful creative intuition. As a trainer, coach, facilitator, executive manager and director, he has extensive experience in the field of ‘hands-on’ Innovation Management, guiding product and service development projects and building entrepreneurial teams. He has a passion for creative thinking; one idea is not an idea, and the crazier the idea, the more likely it is to succeed.

“I get a twinkle in my eye when I can make people think creatively again, when they believe in their own imagination”.

“The twinkling moment in my professional life was when I started my own business and founded TWNQL”.

Juup de Kanter

Juup de Kanter

With her energy and enthusiasm, Juup helps organizations create high-impact meetings and achieve their goals through the use of creativity. People call her enthusiastic, sparkling and full of ideas. As an experienced teacher, inspirer, co-creator, trainer and facilitator in lateral and creative thinking, she wants to move people, generate ideas and give them confidence in their own creativity.

“I get twinkles in my eyes when people proudly and confidently present their own ideas”.
“The twinkling moment of my professional life was when the founder of lateral thinking, Edward De Bono, applied one-on-one with me one of his famous methods: ‘random stimulus’.

Lambert Koster

Lambert Koster

Lambert is an experienced trainer, coach, facilitator and entrepreneur. He understands that an organization is a people business and that at the same time the ‘hard side’ also needs to be well organized. He successfully uses this holistic view in training, coaching, facilitating and guiding organizations, teams and individuals in change and innovation projects. A Design Thinker pur sang.

“I get a twinkle in my eye from people and teams who dare to get moving ‘again’ “.

“The twinkling moment in my professional life was when I facilitated an innovation conference organized by the client. After an intensive week of Design Thinking, participants presented their ideas to all their colleagues. As a result, most of the ideas were actually further developed within the organization and put into practice”.

Thomas Platzer

Thomas Platzer

As a business designer, process facilitator and trainer, Thomas helps individual professionals and multidisciplinary teams to turn innovation into a verb. He has been working as an independent entrepreneur since 2008 and has provided innovation workshops, training courses, coaching and brainstorming sessions for more than 10,000 professionals. His credo is: “creativity is not a talent, it is a strategy”.

“I get a twinkle in my eye when I see the energy that is released when employees are given the space to spend time on innovative projects”.

“The twinkle in my eye in my professional life was when an idea that had been conceived in a project with young people about litter was actually successfully implemented”.

Hugo Bakkenist

Hugo Bakkenist

Hugo has years of experience with and in the world of lean innovation. The human being is central, so he is an experienced team coach.
He has a holistic view on the matter, from innovation strategy, coaching the team to facilitating workshops and giving training.

“I get twinkles in my eyes when I see how quickly teams can achieve great results”.

“The twinkle moment in my professional life was the first InnoCation (Innovation holiday) I organized. With a fantastic team, with fun and relaxation, we achieved tangible results in one week”.

Result-oriented innovation

TWNQL further distinguishes itself by focusing on the early stages of innovation: creating the conditions for sustainable innovation, trend interpretation and idea generation. And thirdly to facilitate the next steps: organizing and implementing actions to actually develop successful new products or services.

My work is based on the following core values:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Result driven

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