LEGO® Serious Play®

Innovating in a playful and result-oriented way.

Improve your creative thinking and problem solving skills!

  • Do you always find the same solutions to complex problems?
  • Do you like to think up solutions that are off the beaten track?
  • Do you think the creative thinking skills in your team could be improved?
  • Do you need out-of-the-box ideas?
  • Would you like to increase imagination in your organization?
  • Would you like to see more ‘serious play’ so that more original solutions are being found?

If the answer to several questions is ‘yes’, then LEGO® Serious Play® is a refreshing and effective method to use.

With LEGO® Serious Play® you develop a playful mindset and learn to look at problems, challenges and opportunities differently. These are important elements to innovate successfully.

What is LEGO® Serious Play®?

The LEGO®Serious Play® method is an official method of LEGO. It is a visual and effective way to map complex issues in organizations, expose weaknesses and visualize areas for improvement and innovation.

Examples of what the LEGO® Serious Play® method is used for:

  • Increasing problem solving skills.
  • Improve creative thinking.
  • Creating an innovation strategy.
  • Shaping new products, services and processes.
  • Building prototypes of new products, services and processes to use in the validation and testing phase of innovation.
  • Building a vision and mission.
  • And many more topics.

Used globally at board level

Large organizations worldwide (e.g. Coca Cola, Walt Disney, Ministry of Defense in the Netherlands, IBM etc.) use this effective method at various levels, including C-level.

Why does LEGO® Serious Play® take organizations further?

Scientifically proven backgrounds of the method are:

  • What you make with your hands, you also build in your brain.
  • People can create new images. Lego helps to get off the beaten track and turn the power of imagination ‘on’ again.
  • The method establishes a clear connection between hand and brain. This maximizes the use of all senses and encourages collaborative forward learning.
  • Flow. Building with hands puts brain and hands in a flow. This deepens learning and visualizing how new improvement steps can be taken.

LEGO® Serious Play® workshops

TWNQL uses the LEGO® Serious Play® method in professional brainstorm sessions, think tanks, design sprints and guidance of innovation processes.

Now it’s your turn

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