Keynote speech Corporate Creativity

An interactive speech corporate creative thinking

Keynote speech corporate creative thinking

More groundbreaking solutions should be found on the challenges your organization is confronted with. You know that your organization needs creativity. Because one idea means no idea. This speech corporate creative thinking gives you inspiration and tools. 

Introduce your people to corporate creativity in an active way. This perfectly fits with the session you are planning to organize shortly for your entire or a part of the organization. A great opportunity to let their eyes twinkle again by this interactive keynote speech. 

“The keynote speech of Rex is very interesting. He shows us how important creativity – creative thinking – is for yourself as a person and for your organization and how you can promote creativity. He gives a refreshing perspective on creative thinking for businesses and he provides you with new inspiration. Rolf Morssinkhof. Director Owner of Morssinkhof Rymoplast”. Twinkles in your eyes from this reaction, read more enthusiastic reactions here!

Increase your innovation power; do, do, do

This interactive keynote speech ‘Corporate Creativity’ is very suitable for your team, your people, your organization to introduce them to creative thinking. You will see, everyone is creative and everyone can learn creative thinking. 

If you would like to increase the innovation power in your company this interactive keynote speech corporate creative thinking provides you with a powerful and inspiring kick off. Creative thinking is all about experience and do, do, do. 

“For my monthly marketing café online meeting I was looking for an appealing speaker in the field of business creativity and innovation. That is how I found Rex. During a fun and informative 45-minute interactive online meeting, Rex explained the thinking patterns we often get stuck in. With a challenging and confrontational interactive exercise, he revealed how you can use various creative thinking techniques to break free of them. The aim was to ensure that, alone or together with others, you come up with lots of new ideas, gain new insights and generate new (sales) opportunities. It became clear that creative thinking is not a luxury but a necessity. This applies to freelancers, SMEs and large companies alike. Participants were downright enthusiastic. Many gave Rex 5 stars (maximum score). As far as I am concerned, Rex should have received at least 10 stars. Rex, thank you again for your inspiring and fascinating lecture. Jeroen van Netten. Online marketing expert”. Twinkles in your eyes from this reaction, read more enthusiastic reactions here!

Twinkles in your eyes with powerful thinking techniques

In as much as 45 to 60 minutes you will experience why creative thinking is important, you will learn at least two powerful creative thinking techniques. After this the only thing you would like to do is to start working with it. 

With guaranteed twinkles in your eyes you will be surprised by what you will see happening next day. 

“Within VIVAT we organize inspiration sessions in which we inform employees about innovative developments within and outside VIVAT. In that context Rex held an interactive keynote speech about Business Creativity. Rex made sure there was a good balance between theory, listening and short exercises to actually experience creative thinking. After the keynote speech most people in the audience actually had a TWNQL in the eyes, which Rex already predicted beforehand. On a scale from 0 to 5 Rex scored a 4,6! In a very short time (one hour) he showed us his great value as facilitator, coach and public speaker. Henk Lof. Senior IT Architect VIVAT”. Twinkles in your eyes from this reaction, read more enthusiastic reactions here!

Creative inspiration

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