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How can I make time for innovation and at the same time maintain the current level of existing business?

A challenging issue. There is no ready-made recipe. On the one hand, you want to maintain and even strengthen your existing business – that’s where the money comes from now. And yet, if you only focus on current business you know the organization will be standing still. On the other hand you know that you should pay attention to structural innovation. That’s where the future revenue comes from. Part of the answer, therefore, is that you should redesign your organization for structural innovation. Not ad hoc and as an one-off innovation project, but ongoing.

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How do I get good ideas and how many do I need?

In many organizations, there are a few ideas, but not enough, and certainly not groundbreaking enough. Various studies have shown that out of a 100 ideas 8 are approximately turned into successful products and services. This means that a just few good ideas is not good enough. The more the better, rather 200 than 100. How do you get that many ideas? There are many ways. TWNQL’s method is inspired on the lateral thinking techniques of De Bono. These are able to generate a lot of groundbreaking ideas in a short time.

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How do I prevent failure of innovation projects?

In many organizations innovative projects come to a standstill. This is a waste of invested time and money. It also causes a lot of frustration. This can be prevented by agreeing on the conditions for innovation in advance. What do you need for success? And furthermore – it seems self evident, but it is quite complicated – identify from the start as many interests and expectations (multidisciplinary) as possible and take these along on the innovation journey. TWNQL has a lot of experience with this and gladly assists you.

How can I introduce new products and services in my organization?

To begin with, anyone, any organization can innovate. Because everyone, from birth, has creative potential. It is no rocket science. Innovation is simply a matter of inventing creative solutions to a particular problem, challenge or ambition. The need for innovation comes from within. Once you have the serious intention to start an innovation project, it will succeed. You can learn it, it is like a dormant seed, it is already there, it should just be triggered to awake. To succeed you need a good vision, a lot of ideas and a well-structured approach to achieve successful product launches. TWNQL will gladly assist you with this through its TWNQL method. Do you wonder what your company’s status is when it comes to innovation? Take the innovation readiness test!

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