Workshop creative thinking

Get acquainted with corporate creative thinking in an approachable way

Twinkling eyes guaranteed

Do you want to reward your team or is it time to come up with something else? You’re looking for something with humor, highly energetic and educational. Furthermore, you think the people in your organization should be more creative and be able to work better together. Then the workshop creative thinking is made for you. A nice piece of edutainment with twinkling eyes guaranteed.

Creativity is not vague

The workshop takes four hours and is an accessible way to get acquainted with corporate creative thinking. In this workshop you will learn, in an interactive way, the basics of creative thinking and at same time the team will directly put learned into practice.

You will learn that everyone is creative and that creativity is not vague and meant for artists. You will run into your own thinking patterns and will learn to deal with it effectively.

“Rex conducted a workshop creative thinking for Therapieland. We were very enthusiastic about it. He inspired and succeeded in involving everyone. The workshop creative thinking gave our team the self confidence to come up with good new groundbreaking ideas. There was a pleasant variation between theory and practice. Rex knew very well to connect to issues that play a role in our team. The thinking techniques help to find the heart of the problem and are easy to apply in daily practice. Furthermore Rex is an enthusiastic and inspiring speaker and facilitator! Marloes van Overstraten Kruijsse. Manager Content Development. Therapieland”. Twinkles in your eyes from this reaction, read more enthusiastic reactions here!

For whom?

It is suitable for all sections of the organization and is also very suitable for boards of directors and management teams. The size of the group may vary with a minimum of 8 people.

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