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Innovation according to TWNQL

Increase your innovation power by using professional assistance with your brainstorm session. In a brainstorm session or creative thinking and idea generation session you generate creative groundbreaking ideas. These ideas will be  transformed into products and services, which successfully create value for a customer. TWNQL helps in generating creative ideas and choosing the right ideas.

The key to successful innovation

How important are ideas anyway? Very important! Only 8% of a 100 product ideas are successfully launched in the market or on the shelf. This results from a study conducted in the FMCG industry. Research conducted by the Product Development & Management Association (PMDA) shows the same figure. This means that successful innovation starts by having a lot of ideas. One idea is not good enough, 100 ideas is a good start with maybe 8 successful product launches. 200 ideas is already much better. A brainstorm – idea generation – session is all about quantity! Quality comes next.

TWNQL assists with your brainstorm

TWNQL assists with the generation of a high quantity of new ideas during your brainstorm session. You may think, I can do it myself. Really? Time after time, it appears that patterns stand in our way to innovative thinking. We continuously move in the same circle of familiar ideas. In that case innovation hardly has a chance to succeed and in these turbulent times that is not an option.

“I was sceptical at the beginning of the session, a brainstorm session with a professional facilitator. Just another very excitable sales preacher that was teaching an OLD dog new tricks. I have attended many of these types of improvement courses before….. However Rex made this very different and the approach was fascinating. I was keen to view all the reactions that he generated by different people in the room and with so many different nationalities was very interesting how they see the breakdown by using Lateral Thinking. At the end I was totally engrossed in the presentation and work to be more creative and productive in the way I think and interact with people. GREAT Morning and would do it again! Thanks REX. John Fitzpatrick. AAEON”. Twinkles in your eyes from this reaction, read more enthusiastic reactions here!

How does TWNQL generate these ideas?

I use the lateral thinking method of ‘De Bono’. This is a creative thinking technique that helps you to get out of your traditional thinking patterns. This method is used worldwide by many companies – large and small – and has a proven track record. In a short time, a few hours or a day, we generate new ideas, you enrich them and you will make the first selection. Because ultimately you want to go from quantity to quality.

“If at first an idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it”
(source Albert Einstein)

Generating many groundbreaking new ideas?

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