Lateral Thinking training

Learn to brainstorm: Increase creative thinking power in your organization

Learn to brainstorm 

You know that your organization needs to learn to brainstorm. More creative thinking power and innovation power is needed. You know that results in more effective and result-oriented brainstorming sessions or idea generation sessions. Which leads to more groundbreaking new ideas. That is necessary to fill the innovation pipeline, because one idea is no idea.

Do you want to organize effective and result-oriented brainstorm sessions or idea generation sessions? Do you prefer to do this with your own people, people who can facilitate the sessions themselves? No problem. I train your people and make sure they become expert facilitators. I am a certified Lateral Thinking trainer of the De Bono method. This means that I can make use of all official De Bono materials.

De Bono

De Bono is regarded as one of the leading authorities in the field of creative thinking and innovation. He is the creator and developer of, amongst others, the ‘Six Thinking Hats’ method and the formal tools of Lateral Thinking. His methods are attractive because they are easy to understand, to use and are result orientated. For everyone; every layer in an organization.

Lateral Thinking

Creativity is no longer luxury, but a necessity. Creative thinking is a skill that everyone can learn and develop. The De Bono method ‘Lateral Thinking’ increases your thinking power and results in higher productivity and growth. The training teaches you how to come up with new concepts and ideas when you need to, instead of hoping that a good idea will come to you. Lateral Thinking equips you with practical tools to challenge your thinking. It is a structured approach that works worldwide.

“The course Lateral Thinking for our Management Team from Rex have been particularly inspiring. These two days were a surprising, enriching and valuable investment. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of creativity we have in our organization as a result of learning to use creative thinking techniques: it simply works! During the training we experienced many different working formats and a good alternation between theory and practical assignments. It is up to us now to actually apply the learnings in our workplace and daily routines. Thank you Rex! John Hardeman. Resource Manager. Truston”. Twinkles in your eyes from this reaction, read more enthusiastic reactions here!

The workshop is intended for management boards, managers, professionals, facilitators and consultants who want take the organization to a higher level of innovation. With a view to anchoring the skills, it is recommended that several employees participate in the training at the same time.

You can sign up for a Lateral Thinking training, but the training can also be organized in-company. Please contact us for an offer with no obligation

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    Language: English
    Venue & Date: in the Netherlands & to be determined.
    Number of days: two-day training.
    Number of participants: min. 5 and max.15
    Price: € 895, - per person (including official Lateral Thinking De Bono work book, lunch, snacks and drinks)*.
    Trainer: Rex Bierlaagh. Founder of TWNQL.

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