Six Thinking Hats training

Efficient meetings focused on solutions and result.

De Bono

Efficient meetings focused on results while creating room for creativity. De Bono is regarded as one of the leading authorities in the field of creative thinking and innovation. He is the creator and developer of, amongst others, the ‘Six Thinking Hats’ method and the formal tools of lateral thinking. His methods are attractive because they are easy to understand, to use and are result orientated. For everyone; every layer in an organization. I am a certified Lateral Thinking trainer of the De Bono method. This means that I can make use of all official De Bono materials.

Efficient meetings with the Six Thinking Hats

The meeting is running late. Points of view are known and are being endlessly repeated. The solution stays out of reach, while feelings run high. The De Bono method ‘Six Thinking Hats’ allows you to overcome the deadlock in situations such as these. Fighting against each other becomes thinking together. Discussion becomes synergy.

With the Six Thinking Hats you learn to run and participate in efficient meetings focused on solutions and results. While creating room for creativity. You learn that judgments and opinions do not matter to achieve the right results and come to the right actions to take. All of this in much less time then you are used to.

“The training Six Thinking Hats is truly valuable. The whole day instructive and interesting till the end due to the good variety of theory and practice. During the training we practised a lot and the Six Thinking Hats method appeared to be simple, practical, effective and especially easy to use on a daily base. As a team we now have a great tool to come up with groundbreaking ideas and take effective decisions together. By using the same Thinking Hat everyone is given a turn to speak and everyone’s input is of added value. Olga Gelauff. Teammanager. Municipality of Woerden”. Twinkles in your eyes from this reaction, read more enthusiastic reactions here!

The method uses six fictional coloured hats. These represent six aspects of a (thinking) process and aim to come up with solutions. The Six Thinking Hats allow meetings to become constructive, creative and structured. Differences in culture and hierarchy are bridged, subjects are thoroughly explored, changes become workable, and solutions are met with innovative and broad support.

During the training, you learn the value of each hat and the best sequence in which to use them. Thinking is a skill, so practice makes perfect. The purpose of the training, therefore, is to practice using the hats, including the blue ‘chairman’s hat’, as much as possible.

You can sign up for a Six Thinking Hats training, but the training can also be organised in-company. Please contact us for an offer with no obligation.

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    Language: English
    Venue & Date: in the Netherlands & to be determined.
    Number of days: one-day training.
    Number of participants: min. 5 and max.15
    Price: € 545, - per person (including official Six Thinking Hats De Bono work book, lunch, snacks and drinks)*.
    Trainer: Rex Bierlaagh. Founder of TWNQL.

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