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Grow faster and cheaper in impact and turnover

4 new distinctive products and services in 6 months

  • Do you want to grow faster and cheaper in impact and turnover? 
  • Do you want to generate new turnover with new distinctive products and services? 
  • Do you want to stimulate the creative potential in your organization?
  • Do you want to discover and test new opportunities in the market faster?  
  • Do you want to convert risk-avoiding behavior into internal entrepreneurial behavior and think in terms of opportunities?
  • Do you want to innovate together with your customers and create real partnerships?
  • Do you want to become and remain a market leader? 

The secret of successful innovation

Don’t wait for better times to come before developing new products or services. There will be no better times. Today is the best day to start. Competitors do not stand still and are increasingly coming from unexpected quarters. They bring in new customers and multiply their turnover. This is at the expense of your organization’s turnover, image and market leadership. 

Which major step makes that you and your innovation project team discover opportunities in the market in a fast and structured way, turn them into successful new products and services, while maintaining the balance between existing and new business? In such a way that team members and yourself get lasting energy from innovation. 

Launch successful new products or services faster

Does this sound far away to you? The possibilities are closer than you think, for you and your organization. I have already been able to help many innovation professionals and organizations with this. They have learned which process steps to take and when, and what behavior is needed to innovate successfully. The most important thing is the discovery that they themselves can actively and powerfully manage the innovation process and the right mindset. 

Powerful management of innovation ensures that you are at the top of the market and that your impact and turnover grow faster and cheaper. Furthermore, it ensures that you discover new opportunities faster and convert them into new products and services, and that risk-averse behavior is converted into structural entrepreneurial behavior and thinking in terms of opportunities. 

In a personal Innovation Growth conversation I would like to explore the innovation growth opportunities for you and your organization so that you too can grow faster and cheaper in impact and turnover. In this conversation, you will also discover:

  • Which 3 critical success factors are needed to innovate quickly and successfully.
  • What the most important pitfall is and how you can turn it into opportunities today.
  • Which step you can take today to bring 4 new distinctive products and services to the market in 6 months.
  • Which strategy ensures that you will continue to come up with new and distinctive ideas.

As a certified Creative Thinking, Change and Innovation trainer and coach, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of ‘hands-on’ change, strategy and innovation management, I have helped many organizations to invent, develop and successfully market new concepts, products and services in a short period of time.

This strategy meeting is very suitable for you, if: 

  • You are an entrepreneur, project leader, director, (business unit) manager with final responsibility for innovation. 
  • You are an ambitious leader with vision who dares to invest in yourself and the organization. 
  • Your growth ambitions are through the roof and you have been dreaming of operating at the top of the market for years.
  • You get enormous pleasure from developing new products and services and understand that this is necessary in this rapidly changing society.
  • Customers and employees are your number one priority. 

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