Innovation provides energy, inspiration and fun.

This is the TWNQL factor.

Declining sales?

Revenue from existing products is under pressure. Innovation is increasingly important. Do you wonder what your company’s status is when it comes to innovation? Take the innovation readiness test!

Too few good ideas?

You know that successful innovation starts with having a lot of new distinctive ideas. Would you like to know how good your organization’s brainstorming skills are? Take the test result oriented brainstorming!

Innovation projects standing still?

Employees put a lot of enthusiasm in developing new products. At the same time they have to continue working for 100% on existing products. A challenging balance. Curious how you can organize this? Feel free to call or mail any time!

Worked for, amongst others:

Assist with an innovation project

You have a twinkle in your eyes, you cannot wait to start developing new products or services. Where do you start and how? Together we will go on an innovation journey. We will use the TWNQL method.
Innovation journey with TWNQL

Facilitate a brainstorm session

How many ideas do you need for a successful development and launch of a product or service? Lots and lots. How many successful products did you develop as a result of your last brainstorm?
Result oriented brainstorm session with TWNQL


Creative thinking can be learned. TWNQL trains people to be a brainstorm facilitator. With these facilitators you can effectively organize your own brainstorming sessions. This is the first step towards continuous innovation.
Learning to think creatively with TWNQL

Innovation game

Create innovative strength in your organization! How? By experiencing how you innovate like a startup. By playing an innovation game you learn to create a new business model within one day.
Innovation game with TWNQL