A day in the life of a start up

Serious game for innovation

Serious game for innovation

In this serious game for innovation you learn to create new revenue in a playful way. Innovation and creativity go hand-in-hand. Managing your existing business has no secrets for you. However, how do you create new products or services? Important to know if you look at the fast changing world around us. 

You will need to create new sources of revenue by creating successful new products and services. Innovation can be done in a different way. Must be done in a different way. What can we learn from successful start-ups? How can we use these lessons in existing organizations? Experience this serious game for innovation. 

Learn to think and act like a start-up

‘A day in the life of a start-up’ is a serious game. Entrepreneurial employees form a start-up for a single day based on an idea for a new product or new service. During the day, the team will work with our practical innovation method to transform the idea into a usable business model for your organization. The serious game method not only makes it more fun, it makes sure that the team learns to think and act like a real start-up.


In a playful way we go through the following three steps:

  • Idea, vision & mission The teams learn to clarify their idea. Teams will describe the vision behind their idea; their spot on the horizon. They will determine who they want to be as a business, and what their core values will be.
  • Value proposition and business model The teams draft up their idea and create a value proposition and business model based on it. The teams have their own (fictional) budget, and can use this budget to hire experts. They can also speak to customers and investors. This way the team will learn, in a very early stage, if their new product has real value for their customers.
  • The pitch During the day the teams learn how to make their ideas tangible and to create a validated business model for a new product or service. At the end of the day, the teams present their business model to a jury. The jury determines the winner.

Participate in this serious game for innovation?

There are several ways to participate.

  • As an individual You apply, as an individual, and during an open session you will get to know other participants with which you form a team. The idea you will work on is based on a social issue We aim to play with more teams during an open session.
  • Team Form a team of up to five people. You will work on your own idea(s). You will compete with other themes with the goal to win the game.
  • In company As an organization you will work on your own ideas. Within your company you form multiple teams (each team a maximum of five people). The team with the best business model wins. Later, together with TWNQL you can further develop this business model into a successful product or service.

It is up to you now

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