Masterclass Result-oriented Innovation

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Online masterclass Result-oriented Innovation – Wednesday, 19th of June

Learn how to successfully develop new products and services

  • Do innovation projects take too long and cost too much?
  • Do project team members only think in terms of risks and existing patterns?
  • Do new products or services fail to catch on with customers?
  • Is the day-to-day reality still prevailing? 
  • Is there a lack of internal support?

Our environment is changing rapidly. Existing products and services are under pressure. The development of new products and services, however, takes too long and costs too much. The project teams mainly focus on the risks and consequently everything stays the same.

Many organizations that I speak struggle with this. They ask themselves the following questions: how do you give structural attention to the creation of new value if the daily workload prevails? How do you go from uncertainty during innovation to well-considered internal entrepreneurship with deliberately chosen risks?

You, as a passionate leader, responsible for new product and service innovations, want to get started and work on this. You want to stay at the top of the market with new products and services that catch on, so that you can strengthen your brand and continue to grow in terms of impact and finances. The goal is for an innovation team in your organization to work independently and to work together with great pleasure, with participants getting energy from innovation.

Launch successful new products or services faster

What makes that some organizations succeed in developing new products and services within six months that are also embraced by customers? With a good balance between focusing on existing business and innovation. All of this with innovation team members who are full of energy and enjoy working on both. What is the secret?

These organizations have learned which steps to take and behavior they need to successfully innovate. This requires a clear method, mindset and strong management. Do you want to know what opportunities there are for your organization?

Then sign up for this online masterclass. Here you will discover, among other things:

  • Which mindset is essential for the successful development of new products and services.
  • How to create internal support and innovate together with your customers. 
  • 2 high-end innovation tools to break through fixed thinking patterns that are immediately applicable. 

To be clear: it is a unique online masterclass, not a webinar.

It is a masterclass in which you actively get to work. We work in blocks. Each block, I briefly share valuable innovation knowledge and then you get to experience it for yourself. Participation is after registration and on the basis of selection.

The masterclass is aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs, project leaders, (business unit) managers, directors. In short, for those with ultimate responsibility for innovation processes. This can be for medium-sized or large organizations, or any other organization that wants to take serious steps in innovation.

For the best attention and interaction possible I work with small groups so that we can focus on each other. There is plenty of time for questions.

This online masterclass is of interest for you if you:

  • Dare to invest in yourself and your organization. 
  • Actively take the lead in innovation projects. 
  • Are an ambitious go-getter with patience. 
  • Remain enthusiastic when uncertainty increases. 
  • Understand that it is not about you, but about your customers and your team. 

Participation in the online masterclass Result-oriented Innovation.

Participation in the online masterclass is free. Fill in your details below. 

Please note that there is a maximum of 12 places available. 


    I take requests seriously because I go for quality and results and both your and my time is valuable. Therefore, I ask you to answer a few short questions. After receiving your application, you will soon hear from me whether you are eligible to participate.

     Result-oriented innovation offers you the opportunity to:

    • Grow in impact and finances with new products and services. 
    • Become and remain the market leader. 
    • Save a lot of time and money when inventing and launching new products and services. 
    • Turn customers into ambassadors and engage and retain them for a longer period of time.  
    • Create an inspired and enterprising innovation team that leads innovation projects independently. 
    • Fill a pipeline with internally supported new distinctive opportunities and ideas. 
    • Create a more entrepreneurial organization focused on opportunities instead of risks. 

    Discover where the innovation opportunities lie for you and your organization. I like to think along with you.